Installation Instructions
- IVMA-HP310S VESA Mount Adapter for HP TouchSmart 310 and 310z Series All-in-One Desktop

For installation, it is recommended to have a towel, or other soft surface to work on, and a magnetic tip Phillips-Head screwdriver.
As with any installation work, be sure to read the installation instructions carefully. Get to know what you are mounting, and the area
you are mounting to.
Step One

Lay the Touchsmart face down.  Remove the screw in the center, just above
the ports, and pull the plastic shroud away from the back of the computer.
Step Two

The stand assembly is held in place with (4) screws.  Remove these screws
and keep them as they will be used to attach the VESA Mount Adapter
Step Three

You are now able to attach the VESA Mount Adapter Bracket.  Place the (4)
screws removed from the base attachment into the holes on the adapter
bracket first, then carefully place the adapter bracket into position to be
attached.  There are locater pins just above the bottom threaded pems, line
these up with the notches provided on the adapter bracket.
Step Four

Start all (4) screws into the threaded pems first before completely tightening
them down.  Completely tighten down all (4) screws by hand, or use low torque
setting with power tool.
Step Five

The Touchsmart is now ready to be attached to a VESA compliant mount
having the 100mm x 100mm VESA attachment interface.  We recommend
using the M4 screws and lock washers we provide for attachment.

Your TouchSmart is now ready to be mount with a VESA compliant mounting
system providing the 100mm x 100mm hole attachment, and offering the
correct weight capacity to support the weight of your computer.

From this point, refer to the installation instructions included with your
mounting device.
Mount Installation Tips

We recommend using the hardware included with your Mount Adapter Kit to attach the IVMA-HP310S adapter to your mount.

For desk mount arms, it is easier to attach the arm to the back of the computer first, before clamping the base of the arm to the

Wall mount systems typically come in (2) parts; a bracket that mounts to the wall, and a interface bracket that will attach to the
IVMA-HP310S adapter. Once both are installed, these brackets join together to mount your computer to the wall. Typically, the
last step is to secure the mount, such as with a set screw or bolt. Make sure to complete this step.
Provides the ability to attach the HP Touchsmart to VESA compliant mounting devices.
The IVMA-HP310S VESA Mount Adapter Kit for the HP Touchsmart 310 (310z) Series
(Desk Mount Arm Is Not Included)
Note: The VK554AA VESA Adapter Kit
from HP does not work with the 310 (310z)
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(Desk Mount Arm Is Not Included)